This agreement is between you as the Client and Concierge Group LLC doing business as Baby Wheels Orlando All rental equipment remains the property of Baby Wheels Orlando and the client acknowledges that the equipment is for their personal use only.

By checking the “I Agree” box during booking you are accepting and agreeing to this rental agreement and liability Waiver. Other methods of accepting agreement include notification by phone, fax, and e-mail. By accepting this rental agreement you are also accepting the website privacy policy, terms of use, and answers to questions listed on the website.

All Baby Wheels Orlando strollers and accessories are used at the renter’s risk of loss or injury of any type.  The Client is responsible for any and all rented equipment from Baby Wheels Orlando during their rental period. The Client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Baby Wheels Orlando and all people associated with the company, including non-Baby Wheels staff involved with delivery or pick up of the stroller, such as hotel employees, from any and all claims and or injuries up to and including death.

Reservation and Payment:

A copy of the booking confirmation will be emailed to the Client on receipt of payment.  Payment is due at the time of booking by credit card and the Client agrees to allow Baby Wheels Orlando to make adjustments as required and charge or refund the said card as applicable.

Delivery and Pick Up of Equipment

At the time of booking the Client will indicate the name and location of their resort or vacation home if known.  With vacation homes the exact address isn’t always known until closer to the rental period, but the Client agrees to notify Baby Wheels as soon as they are able.  The Client understands that Baby Wheels has to adhere to certain procedures for certain hotels – these will be explained fully as they apply to the client.

For most resorts, hotels and vacation homes delivery will be made to the bell desk or luggage room or front porch for vacation homes by the notified checking in time on the client’s reservation form. It is required that the strollers be returned to the same location by 1pm on your last rental day.

Late equipment returns will be charged additional rental day charges + $35.00 Late Fee at the discretion of Baby Wheels.

For Disney owned resorts and Universal Hard Rock, Adventura and Portofino resorts, in line with the hotels’ policy, delivery and pick up will be by a face to face, meet and greet with the Client or their representative and Baby Wheels.  Pick Up at the Universal hotels – strollers may be left at the Bell Desk, no need to meet. These deliveries and pick-ups are carried at an appointed time between 6am-6pm.  The Client chooses their preferred time on the reservation, Baby Wheels reserves the right to amend this time due to conflicting deliveries but will notify the Client on receipt of the booking confirmation of any necessary alterations.

The Client agrees to contact Baby Wheels if they are unable to meet due to flight delays etc. as soon as possible.  The Client also agrees that if they are late or miss their allotted time slot for any reason a new time slot will be given at Baby Wheels’ discretion – we will try every effort to rearrange the time slot to suit the client.

(Disney owned resorts do not include: Swan and Dolphin, Shades of Green, Disney Springs and Bonnet Creek area hotels)

The Client understands and agrees that all deliveries and pick ups are made with earnest effort by Baby Wheels but there may be situations beyond our control, such as traffic or adverse weather conditions that may affect our ability to deliver strollers promptly, the driver will contact the Client in these situations to provide an estimated time of arrival.

The Client understands that any rental item returned to a location outside of our delivery area may incur a $125 fee at Baby Wheels’ discretion.  If the Client has travelled outside of your delivery area and is unable to return the rental equipment, it is the Client’s responsibility to return all items by the original return date by any means possible (FEDEX, UPS, USPS, uber, taxi, courier for example).  All charges for the rental equipment return are the sole responsibility of the Client.


The Client agrees that if no contact is made within 24 hours of the agreed arrival date, the Client accepts possession of the rental items for the rental period. All rental items are to be kept secure when not in use. Any items left with bell stands or luggage rooms are not covered by the optional insurance.

Any defects or malfunctions while in use should be notified to Baby Wheels as quickly as possible and every effort will be made to remedy the issue.

The Client is responsible for familiarizing themselves with the proper operation of the stroller before using. Baby Wheels Orlando will provide, on each stroller, an operational reference guide – this is located on the reverse of the family name tag.

Baby Wheels Orlando reserves the right to substitute equipment. Colors will vary from those shown on the website

The Client agrees to abide by any and all state and local laws enforced upon rental equipment, and agree to use and/or collapse strollers in proper areas.

The Client agrees to only use the stroller for its intended purpose.  The website clearly states the height and weight restrictions for each stroller, it is the Client’s responsibility for selecting the correct stroller for their child.  Any damage resulting from exceeding the weight limit will automatically nullify any rental insurance and be liable for replacement or repair costs.

The Client agrees to any stroller exchange based on stroller being left out in the rain (rain covers are provided with every stroller rental), or child vomit or urine – will be exchanged or cleaned if no other stroller is available but a $10 exchange fee may be charged at the discretion of Baby Wheels.

Damage To or Loss of Equipment

The Client is responsible for any theft, loss, or damage to the stroller and/or accessories. Whilst in their charge.  In this event the Client hereby authorizes Baby Wheels Orlando to charge the customer for any costs to replace and/or repair lost or damaged rental strollers, parts or accessories. In the event of total damage or loss the customer may be charged for a new stroller.

Strollers and accessories must be returned in the same condition originally received. Any missing items such as rain covers, parent consoles, cool bags, straps and harnesses will be charged at full replacement cost.  In the event that these items are returned to Baby Wheels a full refund will be issued to the Client.

Optional Rental Insurance is recommended and covers in full the replacement or repair cost of the stroller and accessories, in the event they are stolen or damaged.

Upon discovering any lost or missing items the Client must call Baby Wheels Orlando immediately on 1-800-510-2480, failure to do so promptly may result in insurance being voided.

Insurance Waiver Terms and Definitions

The Client acknowledges that Insurance was offered at time of booking and was either elected or declined at that time.

Any incidents of suspected theft must be reported to Baby Wheels as soon as possible preferably within 2 hours in the form of a phone call or email.  Any incident not reported in a timely manner will void any purchased insurance.

For instances of theft the client must file a report with the theme park security or local police and provide Baby Wheels will a copy as soon as possible. Failure to provide a theft report will void any purchased insurance and the Client will be responsible for the full replacement value of the stroller and its accessories.

Insurance will be null and void in the following circumstances:

  • Client abandons rental items, this includes items left behind at theme parks, shopping centers, trunks of rental cars, buses, taxis etc.
  • Client disassembles or removes parts from the rental item that are not designed to be removed.
  • Any malicious damage resulting in broken frames, cigarette burns on seat fabric.
  • Client failing to notify Baby Wheels of changes to pick up location
  • Client failing to notify Baby Wheels within 2 hours of any suspected theft and not providing a written report of theft from security or police as applicable.
  • Insurance will not cover any damage done to the equipment of others
  • Damage or discoloration of seat fabric by overuse of sunscreen or marker pens
  • Insurance does not cover replacement of strollers due to vomit, bathroom accidents or being left out in the rain – however, Baby Wheels will do their best to replace these items as quickly as they can dependent upon availability of replacement strollers and drivers schedule – this will incur a $10 replacement fee.


Any cancellations must occur 48 hours prior to the first day of rental to receive a full refund. Cancellations 24- 48 hours of the first rental day will incur a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the rental start date will not be refunded.  Refunds for reservations will usually be by the same credit card used at the booking.  If the refund is made more than 17 weeks from the date of booking then the refund will be made by check to the address listed on the booking reservation.

Liability Waiver

By accepting and using the rental equipment, the Client and any user, acknowledges that the rental equipment is being used at their own risk.  Baby Wheels Orlando makes no warranties with respect to the rental equipment expressed or implied.

Baby Wheels Orlando and its employees, owners and affiliates will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or damages caused directly by the use or misuse of the rental equipment.

The Client, and any rental equipment user, agrees to hold harmless Baby Wheels and its employees, owners and affiliates, from any liability, injury or death, property loss or damage which result directly or indirectly from the use of the rental equipment.

By accepting this rental agreement the Client agrees to and acknowledges they have selected a stroller that is acceptable for their needs. They understand Baby Wheels Orlando is not the manufacturer or designer of the rental strollers or accessories. Baby Wheels Orlando is not responsible to use the manufacturer warranty for itself or its customers. They understand the rental equipment is rented as is. They understand that all references in this agreement to Baby Wheels or Baby Wheels Orlando refer to the legal entity of Concierge Group LLC doing business as Baby Wheels Orlando.

This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Florida.